This report was created by the Canadian Urban Institute for the Ottawa Board of Trade, working in partnership with the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission, Invest Ottawa and Ottawa Tourism. 

CUI facilitated input to this plan with more 75 attendees at the Ottawa Downtown Summit held November 23, 2023, and interviewed and engaged partners across different fields and industries separately. We thank each and everyone of the individuals who provided feedback and ideas.

CUI Project Team

Mary W. Rowe
President & CEO

Jennifer Barrett
Managing Director, Programs, Policy & Planning

Berta Kaisr
Research Planner

Ananmay Sharan
Data Analyst

Matt Buckman
Senior Director, Programs & Partnerships

Emily Wassmansdorf
Communications Manager

Julia Bissonnette

Toma Beit-Arie

Project Consultants

Paul Hicks
Re: Public Urbanism

Amir Forouhar, Byeonghwa Jeong, Karen Chapple
University of Toronto School of Cities

Fiona Wright
Lansdowne Consulting Group

Chris Rickett

Kevin Stolarik

Emily McGirr

Elaine Stam
Universe Design Studio

Claire Weisz, David Vega-Barachowitz, Sijia Zhous
WXY Studio


  • Ottawa Board of Trade
  • City of Ottawa
  • Ottawa Tourism
  • Invest Ottawa
  • BOMA Ottawa
  • National Capital Commission

Advisory Group

Alain Miguelez
Vice President, Capital Planning and Chief Planner, National Capital Commission

Brendan McGuinty
Principal, Strategies 360 and Chair, OBOT Board of Directors

Catherine Callary
Vice President, Destination Development, Ottawa Tourism

Cindy VanBuskirk
Program Manager, High Economic Impact Projects, City of Ottawa

Dean Karakasis
Executive Director, BOMA Ottawa

Hugh Gorman
CEO, Colonnade Bridgeport and Chair, OBOT Economic Development Committee

Jeff Westeinde
Partner, Theia Partners and Member, OBOT Economic Development Committee

Kevin McHale
Chair, OCOBIA and Executive Director, Sparks Street BIA

Michael Tremblay
Former President and CEO, Invest Ottawa

Michelle Groulx
Former Executive Director, Ottawa Coalition of Business Improvement Areas (OCOBIA)

Sonya Shorey
Interim President and CEO of Invest Ottawa

Stephen Willis
Senior Principal, Urban Planning, Stantec and Member, OBOT Economic Development Committee

Sueling Ching
President and CEO, Ottawa Board of Trade (OBOT)